Understanding energy


I am writing a series on fundamental technical concepts needed to more fully understand the global energy questions in a time of climate change. As the posts get published, I will update the links on this page.

Fractal poetry: How to use a machine for something it can’t do


I spoke at the 2019 TEDxUniversityOfLuxembourg about a project on creating fractal poetry through simple Markov chains and linguistic software. This had been a spare time project for about half a year, the idea for which was inspired by this book (in Danish). Both the idea and the implementation were done side by side with the excellent linguist Kasper Fyhn Jacobsen. As part of the TEDx event, I was interviewed for science.lu (in French/German). The talk was recorded, and can be seen below.

How to build a cubesat


At Aarhus University, I was selected for the group of students tasked to build the university’s first satellite, a proof-of-concept cubesat named Delphini-1. In that context, I wrote an article in Danish for the student magazine named Dolphins in Space about building the satellite, and recorded a fun little video about the process, shown below.